Winstar Dental

Winstar guides and advises foreign dentists who aim to work in the Netherlands. We help to find a suitable job, support with BIG registration, housing, insurances, financial administration and all other necessary steps that need to be taken in order to start a career here.

BIG registration

Winstar provides support during the official BIG registration which is required in order to work legally in the Netherlands. Winstar also helps with the legalization of specific qualifications such as orthodontics, endodontics and periodontics.

Assistance BIG registration application

The fee we charge for our support for the BIG registration is € 199,00 which includes the registration costs (€ 85,00). When the registration is finished, we will help you to start working as dentist in the Netherlands. We will reimburse the € 199,00 fee to you as soon as you start working through Winstar.

Dental practices

In the Netherlands there are about 6,000 dental practices that have one or more dentists. Often group practices also offer special skills such as orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and implantology. Besides, there are specialized dentists for children and dentists who have specialized in treating patients who are extremely fearful.

Financial options

The average daily turnover for a dentist is about € 1.000,- to 1.500-. Costs for dental materials are not included in this turnover. A dental practice in the Netherlands is not allowed to make a profit on the supply of dental materials.

Cooperate with Winstar

Winstar is an intermediary party between foreign dentists and established dental practices in the Netherlands. Dentists who work for us do not pay a fee for this intermediation service. Our profit comes from the practices where the dentists work. Winstar will provide the dentists with a contract which guarantees payment. In addition, we assist in all steps necessary in order to start working. Of course, we do expect our dentists not to start working directly for the practices where we introduce them.


Winstar always seeks to arrange housing within a reasonable distance of your working place. The choice of your accommodation depends on the location of the practice where you work and your own individual needs.

Practical support

Winstar is located in Purmerend near Amsterdam. You can visit us, but you can also contact us by phone or mail. Our staff members are available to answer all questions you might have about working in the Netherlands. We have a wide experience in working with foreign employees and their relatives.

Language Course

Due the change in the conditions for registration in the BIG register related to the language proficiency requirements we stopped the language classes. The 8-week course we offered was not equal to the required level upon registration.

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How to proceed?

Curious? Please call or e-mail us for further details or make an appointment and we will be happy to meet you and discuss the advantages and opportunities with you.