Biological Dentristry

Biologische Tandarts Friesland [biological dentist Friesland]

At BTF (Biological Tandarts Friesland), we are of the opinion that everything in the body is connected. This is why our practice in Leeuwarden closely collaborates with a chiropractor and a homeopath to provide the patient with the care that he or she deserves. The well-being and wishes of the patient are always at the heart of what we do. We are ready for the future, using natural and innovative materials. Ready to restore the balance in the body, just like we did for Karin.


Working at BTF

Are you interested in working in bio-energetic dentistry, do you look beyond the health of teeth alone? Do you take a holistic approach to oral healthcare and would you like to work in a pleasant environment in a Leeuwarden practice? You can call the practice manager at +058(0)182 – 216 0 216 or visit