Regular Dentistry

Mondzorgpraktijk [oral healthcare practice] Statensingel – Gouda

This practice for regular dentistry focuses on a personal touch and will be happy to guide patients on their way to healthy teeth. Besides the regular dentist, multiple specialists are available, such as the orthodontist, oral hygienist and preventive care specialist. Oral healthcare should be available for everyone, so our practice is wheelchair-friendly. We also offer vulnerable patients a free shuttle service. Additionally, this all-round practice will provide special attention to patients with anxiety issues.


Working at Mondzorgpraktijk Statensingel

Do you want to work at an innovative practice in Gouda, that puts its patients at the heart of what they do? Are you able to acknowledge your patients’ fears and can you help them to let go? We are looking for professionals in oral healthcare: are we looking for you? Please contact us today.

You can call the front desk at +31(0)182 – 68 68 00 or visit

Take good care of teeth, because you will only get one chance!

Mondzorgpraktijk [oral healthcare practice] Kruitberghof – Amsterdam South East

This practice in Amsterdam South East provides high-quality speciality services. The team has extensive experience and skills, but will always put the patient at the heart of what they do. The dental-related wishes of our visitors are key. Mondzorgpraktijk Kruitberghof always takes a preventive approach, but if further treatment is necessary, one of the specialists is happy to help.


Working at Mondzorgpraktijk Kruitberghof

Do you want to work at a dental practice that also provides specialities such as implantology and aesthetic dentistry? Are you interested in the challenge of working in Amsterdam South East, focusing on your customers? Then this is the place to be. You can call the front desk at +31(0)20 – 261 36 89 or visit

Mondzorgpraktijk [oral healthcare practice] Orion – Utrecht

Are you looking for an effective and professional dental practice in Utrecht that gives special attention to patients and their children, who are afraid of the dentist? Mondzorgpraktijk Orion uses a progressive approach with regard to oral healthcare and is always available for its patients. The team consists of different specialists, who like to take the time to explain the treatments and preventive measures. They cooperate with transport service Buurt Mobiel, so that patient transport from and to the practice is reimbursed. Oral healthcare really is available for everyone!


Working at Mondzorgpraktijk Orion

Do you want to work at an oral healthcare practice in Utrecht, that provides special attention to vulnerable groups? Do you value speciality knowledge and excellent service? Then this might be the work environment for you! Call the front desk at +31(0)30 – 268 48 82 or visit

Prevention is better than cure!

Mondzorgpraktijk [oral healthcare practice] Fokkerstraat – Assen

This dental team focuses on prevention. Together with the patient, they decide how curative procedures can be prevented. In addition to various regular treatments, we also closely collaborate with the Ortho Team, that is often working at our location.

Tandartspraktijk Assen - Child friendly - dentist chair
Mondzorgpraktijk Fokkerstraat Assen - Tandartspraktijk team

Working at Mondzorgpraktijk Assen

Do you want to work at a dental practice with different specialities? A practice in which you can combine your speciality knowledge with sincere attention to the patient? Please contact Mondzorgpraktijk Fokkerstraat in Assen at +31(0)592 – 35 40 or visit the website:

Tandartspraktijk [dental practice] de Marke – Hengevelde

We provide treatments that are part of regular dental care, but can also offer oral hygiene and aesthetic dentistry services. This practice is unique because it is specialized in paediatric dentistry. In addition, the team of dentists is very experienced in treating people with anxiety and behavioural disorders, including autism.


Working at Tandartspraktijk De Marke

Do you want to work at a practice in Hengevelde region, in a highly specialised team? If you want to work at a practice that provides special attention to children and adults with anxiety and behavioural disorders, this could be your chance! Please visit for information about the treatments. If you like to contact one of the employees, please call +31(0)547 – 33 37 82.

Tandartspraktijk [dental practice] Blokzijl

This practice for regular dentistry in Blokzijl puts patients and their children first. Because the practice is small, the atmosphere feels cosy. No rushed appointments here. We prefer to create a customised treatment plan to get the best results possible. Does a child have a favourite stuffed animal or doll? They, too, can take place in the dental chair. In this practice, we offer personal attention to young and old.


Working at Tandartspraktijk Blokzijl

Do you recognise yourself in this approach and are you a BIG-registered dentist? Do you take the time to fulfil the wishes of your patients, as young as they may be? Please call us at +31(0)527 – 29 17 35 or go to